Supply Chain Management and IT

I read this on a blog:

The four main functions of SCM:

  • Collect information:  SCM requires updated information (orders, forecasts, capacity) collected from ERP and trading system …
  • Process information: specialized APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) tools cover, among others, the functions of forecasting, scheduling, extensive planning and supply management. Other monitoring tools on the ground as the SCE (Supply Chain Execution) complete the panoply of the Managers.
  • Dispatch information: the information is dispatched to all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Measure performance: the system of Supply Chain Management is part of a dimension of continuous improvement.   “



Supply Chain Management truly relies on the collection of effective data.  In large organizations Procurement can get complicated and tracking inventory can be time consuming however with good IT then we can simply run our advanced data models through the whole system to take a macro approach to such a situation