Healthcare systems and analytics for improved operations

Operational analytics in healthcare developed since the integration of big data systems. These systems help doctors and nurses work without restrictions by allowing more information about patients, and speeding up the delivery of diagnostics by providing real time test results. Diagnosticians can view recent medical interventions given to a patient that would otherwise be unknown in a paper based system. One issue big data systems have is that the amount of data collect is so large that extracting value from it takes constant analysis and when potential value is discovered, decision makers need to give consent to make changes in the system. Our healthcare analytics consultants take a detailed and comprehensive approach to operational improvements. We identify key aspects of operations and make improvements based on patient flow and the utilization of assets. We can discover bottle necks and system wide optimization improvements that will increase the flow of patients and reduce overtime for staff and administration. We also can optimize scheduling to address overtime issues while complying with state and federal regulations. We often discover that reducing work load of each employee by optimizing the quantity of workers can produce a happier and well rested staff. Databases can offer additional insights including when a clinic or hospital should grow or downsize, and when to in-source or outsource services.

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