Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Case Studies

Supply chain cases often involve reviewing the basic input and outputs.  Demand needs to be reviewed for its sustainability.  Furthermore the demand of the client’s market share verse their competitors can provide key insights that can change capacity planning and strategy.  Supply chain managers also segment the sources of demand, […]

Operations Consulting

Critical Supply Chain Data- What Data Should a Company Collect

A major piece of supply chain management is the collection of sales data.  Sales data is extremely important to supply chain analytics and without linking this data to supply chain analytics a management team is missing out on significant insights The collection of sales data should include as much useful […]

Using Supply Chain Networks for Brand Equity

Its hard to talk about efficient supply chains without talking about Amazon.  Amazon in not just an online retailer but a sophisticated Supply chain system, allowing fast delivery through an advanced logistical network.  Most customers of Amazon do not realize the massive infrastructure created for high service levels but this […]

Omni-Channel Commerce – A Response to Amazon

Omni-channel commerce is becoming the strategy of choice for most retailers as a way to compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain and supply chain consulting group has taken notice. Companies are using more store stock as the inventory of last resort to fill e-commerce orders. Omni-channel retail strategies are often seen […]

Too Much Focus on Negotiations

It has come to my attention that too many companies focus on reducing costs in their supply chain by trying to negotiate lower costs with suppliers.  Negotiation will always have a place in supply chain management however when buyers ask their suppliers for lowered costs, they are really attempting to […]

Supply Chain Management and IT

I read this on a blog: “The four main functions of SCM: Collect information:  SCM requires updated information (orders, forecasts, capacity) collected from ERP and trading system … Process information: specialized APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) tools cover, among others, the functions of forecasting, scheduling, extensive planning and supply management. Other […]

Consulting Services in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Strategy A business supply chain strategy is an important factor that can make or break a firm’s success. It defines how supply chain processes will promote business operations in an effect manner. Supply chain management consulting can help organizations improve profitability and competitiveness. They can walk executive through […]

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

A business’s supply chain can be a source of competitive advantage and a way to generate growth.  Supply Chain Management can effectively increase profits by optimizing the flow of goods.  This includes your supply of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and the flow of finished goods to your consumer.  Operation Consulting […]