Boston Restaurants Benefit From Advice

Boston restaurants need help because profits are shrinking and it is easy to hire help that will increase profitability. Profits are shrinking because food prices, rents and utilizes are increasing substantially. Boston has also over built the restaurant industry so competition is much higher than it use to be. One […]

Operations Consulting

Supply Chain Case Studies

Supply chain cases often involve reviewing the basic input and outputs.  Demand needs to be reviewed for its sustainability.  Furthermore the demand of the client’s market share verse their competitors can provide key insights that can change capacity planning and strategy.  Supply chain managers also segment the sources of demand, […]

13 Reasons to Hire A Management Consultant

These reasons can help businesses decide if hiring a management consultant is the right course of action.   You receive a second opinion that is objective Consultants can identify improvements quickly You receive expert advice that is relevant to your needs Fill in your staffing needs immediately until you find […]

Note on Procurement Consulting

We have seen a rise is requests for procurement consultants as businesses struggle to manage costs. Many Clients lack the infrastructure and expertise to properly manage their procurement process. Procurement must take into account all the costs associated with purchasing including transportation and inventory. Economic Order Quantity analytics helps businesses […]

Consulting Services in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Strategy A business supply chain strategy is an important factor that can make or break a firm’s success. It defines how supply chain processes will promote business operations in an effect manner. Supply chain management consulting can help organizations improve profitability and competitiveness. They can walk executive through […]

Management consulting

Asset Strategy and Optimization

Balancing performance with cost reduction Healthcare organizations are struggling with changes in demand and are realizing that reducing costs by up to 40% while maintaining performance must be done sooner rather than later. Healthcare consultants often suggest optimizing assets for profit maximization. Changing payment models have been the norm for  […]

Understanding Walk-in Clinic Operations

How to save more healthcare dollars through operational improvements There are many sources of variability in walk-in clinics that quality operational analysis and consulting can help reduce in order to save more health care dollars.  Sources of variability will include: Walk-in Clinic Demand (arrival of patients) variability on total physician […]

Health care consulting

Nursing Homes: A Business Opportunity Worth Pursuing

Market Opportunity For Nursing Homes By and large, nursing homes are a service industry. Many of the tasks that employees perform are routine; employees support residents in performing the activities of their daily lives, provide entertainment and social interaction, and perform basic medical procedures. While the jobs of low-level nursing […]

Procurement- Are you spending more than you should

Situation: A leading medical device manufacturer was interested in refining the purchasing and supply department to create cost reductions. The purchasing department managed a small percentage of total purchases. Buyers had low levels of experience and did not allocate their time effectively. This situation created risks for the company through […]