3-D Printing, Conventional Manufacturing at Risk

The capabilities of 3-D printing hardware are evolving rapidly. These machines the begin by printing simple plastic items can now handle a range of materials from titanium to organic materials like human cartilage. Not only does this technology allow for a spectrum of materials but allow  for production of fully […]


Omni-Channel Commerce – A Response to Amazon

Omni-channel commerce is becoming the strategy of choice for most retailers as a way to compete with Amazon’s Supply Chain and supply chain consulting group has taken notice. Companies are using more store stock as the inventory of last resort to fill e-commerce orders. Omni-channel retail strategies are often seen […]

Understanding Walk-in Clinic Operations

How to save more healthcare dollars through operational improvements There are many sources of variability in walk-in clinics that quality operational analysis and consulting can help reduce in order to save more health care dollars.  Sources of variability will include: Walk-in Clinic Demand (arrival of patients) variability on total physician […]

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Procurement- Are you spending more than you should

Situation: A leading medical device manufacturer was interested in refining the purchasing and supply department to create cost reductions. The purchasing department managed a small percentage of total purchases. Buyers had low levels of experience and did not allocate their time effectively. This situation created risks for the company through […]