Healthcare Procurement Consulting

We can connect you with procurement leaders that specialize in the healthcare industry.  Our experienced professionals will take a methodical approach to your procurement team to delivery insights, training, and procurement internet technology.  Optimized procurement is a strategy accelerator that can delivery significant savings that can average up to 12%.  […]

Healthcare systems and analytics for improved operations

Operational analytics in healthcare developed since the integration of big data systems. These systems help doctors and nurses work without restrictions by allowing more information about patients, and speeding up the delivery of diagnostics by providing real time test results. Diagnosticians can view recent medical interventions given to a patient […]

Asset Strategy and Optimization

Balancing performance with cost reduction Healthcare organizations are struggling with changes in demand and are realizing that reducing costs by up to 40% while maintaining performance must be done sooner rather than later. Healthcare consultants often suggest optimizing assets for profit maximization. Changing payment models have been the norm for  […]

Management consulting

Health care consulting

Understanding Walk-in Clinic Operations

How to save more healthcare dollars through operational improvements There are many sources of variability in walk-in clinics that quality operational analysis and consulting can help reduce in order to save more health care dollars.  Sources of variability will include: Walk-in Clinic Demand (arrival of patients) variability on total physician […]

Nursing Homes: A Business Opportunity Worth Pursuing

Market Opportunity For Nursing Homes By and large, nursing homes are a service industry. Many of the tasks that employees perform are routine; employees support residents in performing the activities of their daily lives, provide entertainment and social interaction, and perform basic medical procedures. While the jobs of low-level nursing […]