About Operation Consulting Group

Operation Consulting Group is a strategy, operations, and supply chain management consulting firm based in New York, NY.  Our Consultants are highly trained and experienced in multiple industries including food services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

Certain Solutions for Uncertain Demand

Demand ForcastingHave you ever wondered if your new product or service is even going to sell? Our Advanced analytical models can maximize your profits in uncertain conditions without any doubt of the level of production and inventory you need.  Your supply chain data can be used to help optimize pricing, inventory, marketing and logistics.  We will calculate the probability of selling your products at a certain price level, find your optimal price level, choose how much to produce and when to produce your products all with the intention of maximizing your profits. There is no need to be uncertain about your business decisions with uncertain demand and our supply chain management consultants will be happy to work with you to become a model of operational excellence.

Procurement Analytics – save money without having to negotiate

Procurement ProcessOperation Consulting Group has helped clients in multiple industries learn how to make significant savings without having to negotiate for more favorable contracts.  Supply Chain consultants will use advanced analytics to help your organization identify cost savings. Consultants will work with your procurement team and formulate a plan that will provide significant results as well as empower them with the knowledge needed to develop a world class procurement process.  Consultants will also analyze your demand and construct forecast models to assist you with your purchasing decisions.  We can develop custom tools that fit your needs exactly and help manage vendors more effectively.

Health care organizations have a lot to gain from reevaluating their procurement process.  Don’t let the vendor decide what you need and when you need it. our health care consulting practice will help you take lead of your procurement processes, train your employees, and deliver significant savings.

Retail consultants are especially good at managing your inventory.  Supply chain Consultants will use analytics to develop advanced forecasting models and inventory strategies to give you the confidence to make the correct business decisions.  Consults will work directly with your procurement team to teach our analytical methods and discover significant cost savings.

Asset Productivity

We show clients how to grow productivity by getting the most from their tangible resources

We ensure your project is optimized before execution begins with a focus on value by:

  • Optimizing your business operations to ensure a strong link to your operations strategy and capital expenditures
  • Identifying the theory that offers the highest value for your firm
  • Developing the optimal purchasing strategy
  • Creating tools for excellent process flow
  • Developing contracting strategies

We prepare for execution by:

  • Actively managing contracts and purchases
  • Implementing lean development
  • Using cutting edge project management strategies

We ensure proper support teams by:

  • Building a metrics driven management oversight
  • Implementing a proper hierarchy of processes for upper management control

Purchasing and Supply Management

Clients can optimize their procurement to reduce costs while aligning their strategy

Getting your purchases and supplies optimally can increase profitability while streamlining operations.  This often has an immediate impact on profitability and long term value creation.  We can   increase the competitiveness of your organization through  strategic planning and purchasing optimization techniques often focusing on increasing your enterprise value.  Our Operations Consulting Group will work closely with you to explore, analyze, and implement operational improvement.

  • We can determine the size and scope of operational improvements
  • We can plan and maximize operations effectiveness
  • We can create custom purchasing tools for your operations to flow smoothly and efficiently.
  • We can teach the fundamentals of purchasing and supply management to your purchasing department
  • We can implement change for lasting value creation

Operations Consulting Group can also provide our clients a number of supportive services capabilities:

  • Global sourcing construction
  • Negotiation expertise
  • Organizational design
  • Performance management capabilities
  • Purchasing and Supply Management tools
  • Post-merger management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supplier selection

Business Valuation

Operation Consulting Group is now offering business valuation services for small and mid sized businesses.  With our Valuation techniques, we come of with more accurate estimates of the value of your business.  Valuation has many factors to consider including interest rates, weighted average cost of capital, and operating margin.  Operation Consulting Group with measure all these factors into your business valuation.

  • You will be able to more accurately price your organization.
  • Delegate your companies shares appropriately.
  • Sell your business with confidence and accuracy.
  • Anchor your negotiation strategy