Supply Chain Network Design

Supply Chain Network Design uses fact-based analysis to determine how to efficiently serve customers, manage assets, or expand into new markets or products. Our service helps to minimize costs and maximize profits by considering facility location and capacity, customer service requirements, material flow, product portfolios and pricing.

There are many questions that can be answered through network design analytics including:

  • How many distribution centers are needed and where should they be located?
  • How can my supply chain network be changed to improve service levels?
  • What impact will shifting to a lower cost network have on service levels?
  • Should¬†alternate ports of entry be a consideration?
  • Can foreign trade zones be leveraged to reduce trade compliance costs?
  • What markets should I entire into during growth

Supply Chain Network Design’s fact-based approach delivers more certainty for the decisions that you need to make.¬† We will clarify and demonstrate a clear path from where you are and where you want to be.

Important factors when designing regional facilities

  • Regional demand
  • Production technologies and economies of scale and scope
  • Tariffs and Tax incentives
  • Infrastructure factors
  • Political, exchange rate and demand risk
  • Competitive Environment