Why Apply Analytics?

Organizations that apply analytics outperform their peers. Companies that apply business analytics have financial results of:

  • up to 1.6 times revenue growth,
  • 2 time EBITDA growth
  • 2.5 times stock price appreciation

The conclusions reveal that businesses should always apply analytics. Business analytics requires organization and the collection of high quality data.

Companies that invest in analytical infrastructures have several things in common. No matter their goals, business, government and academia, tall have Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) within their organizations. These centers provide a structured way for groups to work across functional lines and achieve various amounts of useful analytics. Operation Consulting Group can help organizations establish such centers and align organizational goals with an analytics team.

Since the wave of large “big data” systems have been implemented, Operation Consulting Group’s business analytics team uniquely enables your organization to apply advanced analytics to various function groups.

Clients are able to:Why Apply Analytics

  • Tap into more types of information
  • Empower people in various roles to explore information and deliver insights to executives
  • Optimize business decisions
  • Provide multiple perspectives from reporting to real-time analysis to predictive modeling
  • Improve operations and mitigate risk