Procurement Consulting Services

ProcurementIn an era of fast global competition and increased risk of supply chain disruption, corporate leaders need to know how to use supply management as a competitive advantage. Purchasing and global sourcing can account for more than 50 percent of overall costs in many industries. OCG works with clients to make procurement a strategic operation and realize huge bottom-line impact.

  • Procurement Transformation

  • Procurement strategy

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Procurement Technologies

  • Continuous improvement

  • E-Procurement

  • Contract Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Spending Analytics

Procurement Analytics – save money without having to negotiate

Procurement and Purchasing

Operation Consulting Group has helped clients in multiple industries learn how to make significant savings without having to negotiate for more favorable contracts. Supply Chain consultants will use advanced analytics to help your organization identify cost savings. Consultants will work with your procurement team and formulate a plan that will provide significant results as well as empower them with the knowledge needed to develop a world class procurement process. Consultants will also analyze your demand and construct forecast models to assist you with your purchasing decisions. We can develop custom tools that fit your needs exactly and help manage vendors more effectively.

Health care organizations have a lot to gain from reevaluating their procurement process. Don’t let the vendor decide what you need and when you need it. our health care consulting practice will help you take lead of your procurement processes, train your employees, and deliver significant savings.

Retail consultants are especially good at managing your inventory. Supply chain Consultants will use analytics to develop advanced forecasting models and inventory strategies to give you the confidence to make the correct business decisions. Consults will work directly with your procurement team to teach our analytical methods and discover significant cost savings.

What is Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic sourcing is process that  continuously re-evaluates and improves the purchasing activities of a company. More specifically, it’s a process that includes the identification and selection of a companies commercial arrangements. With a mix of advanced analytical and sourcing tools, talent infrastructure development, Operation Consultants can help your organization become an ideal model for procurement operations.

The Strategic Sourcing ProcessPurchasing
  1. Assessment of current spending
  2. Assessment of the vendors
  3. Total cost analyses and procurement modeling
  4. Identification of suitable suppliers
  5. Aligning the business strategy with sourcing strategy
  6. Negotiation
  7. Implementation of sourcing infrastructure
  8. Reporting and monitoring / continuous optimization

Many people believe that getting the lowest cost is defines a companies purchasing and supply activities.  This is somewhat true but many CEO’s realize that a business’s purchasing and supply management goes beyond cost reduction. The are significant ways to enhance profitability through procurement.  To learn more contact our procurement consultants.