How to Find a Manufacturer

Searching for a Manufacturer

Operation Consulting Group can help companies search for their ideal manufacturer. Our resources can help companies achieve cost reductions by finding a manufacturer that matches specific requirements.   Searching for a manufacturing company can also include supply chain network analysis so your search can be targeted to optimize your supply chain.  Using various analytics, We can create a targeted search for your manufacturer that will help you reduce production costs as well as mitigate supply chain risk.

Manufacturing companies can often be difficult to locate due to the lack of online resources and directories.  It is important to create profiles.

Manufacturing Search + Analysis

Reduce your manufacturing and distribution costs

If you are seeking to change your current manufacturer, Operation Consulting Group is able to help you locate and understand the best fit for your manufacturing and logistical needs.  Not only does the price and yield of your manufacturer effect your costs. We account for many important metrics including: location, minimum batch size, timely delivery, price, yield and capacity.  Operation Consulting Group will also help structure your contracts for your advantage

Search Process:

  • Demand Forecasting:  Understanding the current and future demand for your products
  • Assessment: reviewing your current manufacturer’s history, identifying your major delivery locations
  • Analysis:  Create best can scenario for your ideal manufacturer
  • Search:  Identify 25 to 50 potential manufactures that fit into your analysis
  • Contact:  Organize a Vet the list of manufacturing facilities.
  • Target:  Focus on 3 to 4 potential manufacturing facilities and conduct on-site visits
  • Review and Contracting:  we will review our results from our search and present our findings and suggestions.  Once you have agree to a facility we will help with negotiation.
  • Implementation:  We will help you through your entire transition for as long as your company feels in necessary.

Operation Consulting Group is happy to help you with your search.  CONTACT US