Green Operations

We help companies become more efficient by cutting energy costs, reducing waste, implementing recycling, and reevaluating sourcing.

Green Operations ConsultingFocusing on the cost of energy and materials , the role of sustainable suppliers, and the integration into production processes, is often overlooked by companies.  Green operations can help build a sustainable future while improving a company’s brand image. We help clients grow revenue and reduce costs while meeting the challenges of today’s global economy.  We can redesign operations from end to end in a value chain while improving profitability.  Often, positive outcomes can be achieved by collecting, repurposing, and reusing discarded products and materials.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is mainly self-regulated.  It’s up to each business to define their own corporate social responsibility (CSR).  CSR is also known as corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship and corporate social performance.   Businesses who create their own CSR measure their impact to the natural environment and social environment.  Companies who participate in CSR programs often earn creditability and brand awareness.  This can lead to increases in revenue and improvements in other financial metrics.

Sustainable Supply Management

Going beyond standard purchasing approaching can be complex.  Balancing sustainable sourcing and costs can lead to many difficult decisions.  We work closely with suppliers to collaborate on decisions in your supply chain that will impact your environmental footprint. This can include lean manufacturing initiatives, integrating IT, and operation improvements.  Savings can be made up to 20 percent in material and labor costs.  Thinking strategically and mitigating future risk can lead during this process also help companies gain advantages over competitors.

Production Improvements

Increasing your energy efficiency through various technologies can lead to future costs savings.  Using Net Present Value in this process helps clients quantify the increased value of investing in future savings.  This also helps companies prepare for regulatory changes that could impact a client’s bottom line.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Manufactures understand that new technologies can have dramatic effects on waste reduction. We can help manufactures take advantage of new technologies while preparing for regulatory challenges.  Strategies to reduce waste and collect used materials are often effective in reducing overall costs.

Products and packaging can also be redesigned to reduce materials needed  and energy required during the production process.

Companies that produce raw materials, such as steelmakers, and plastics are much more energy intensive than other companies that use those raw materials.  Significant saving can occur by maximizing energy efficiency and recycling programs.