Carrier Bill and Service Auditing

Guaranteed to reduced freight costs with our freight auditing service

Our auditing services monitor all carrier charges to ensure billing accuracy. We conduct a thorough audit of every charge on each shipping invoice in order to recover refunds for service failures, misapplied charges, duplicate charges, and rate inaccuracies.

There are numerous types carrier billing mistakes, service delivery failures, excessive charges that occur on shipping invoices. These can be detected and recovered with a quality freight audit. Operation Consulting Group guarantees to reduce freight costs with our freight audit solutions.

Our experience with UPS auditing, FedEx auditing, truck (TL & LTL) auditing, ocean freight auditing, rail freight auditing, and air freight auditing will help maximize your refunds and reduce your shipping costs. Depending upon which shipping carriers you currently use, we will conduct a freight pre-audit and/or freight post audit of each shipping invoice. Our parcel audit and freight bill carrier audit services will identify shipment billing errors and late deliveries.

Unlike many other freight auditing companies, the experienced freight auditors at Operation Consulting Group will manage the carrier audit refund process to make certain you do not overpay your truck freight carriers, ocean freight carriers, rail freight carriers, and/or air freight carriers.