Client Services

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain ConsultingOperation Consulting Group offers analytical, strategy, procurement, network design, IT integration and supply chain planning consulting services.  Our advanced analytical models can optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve a company’s bottom line.  We monitor supply chain trends and take raw facts to value added recommendations.

Currently supply chains are facing new challenges due to increases in the volatility of demand, customer expectations, cost pressures, and global competition.  Many executives are shifting their priorities due to these challenges and we believe this signals that supply chain managers need to understand the risks associated with not transitioning to a more effective supply chain.

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare operationsHealthcare, now the world’s largest industry, has a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector. We work with leaders to deliver better care, increase efficiencies, manage costs, and create value. Operation Consulting Group delivers this by improving your healthcare operations through proven methods and fact based approaches.

We offer help to:

  • National and regional health services to improve care delivery
  • Hospital chains and clinics to transform operational performance and manage costs
  • Health insurance companies to improve their bottom line
  • Academic medical centers to refocus strategy and operations to meet today’s challenges
  • Pharmaceutical companies to improve their logistics and supply chain.
  • Medical device organizations to improve quality and productivity

Linking healthcare operations to strategy and financial performance can increase a business’s valuation.  Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes can benefit from expert advice to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and productivity. Learn more about our healthcare operations consulting services

Small Business Consulting Services

Small Business Consulting ServicesSmall Business Consulting Services can help a business become more profitable by solving difficult problems and analyzing the status quo.  Consultants bring financial and analytical expertise, as well as small business management experience. Consultants can also help businesses network effectively with important groups and individuals to encourage business success.

Many of our consultants have  helped owners streamline critical processes so they can take a hands off approach to day-to-day operations. 

Business Valuation

Operation Consulting Group offers business valuation services for small and mid sized businesses. With our valuation techniques, we achieve accurate estimates for sales or partnerships. Valuation has many factors to consider including interest rates, weighted average cost of capital, and operating margin. Operation Consulting Group will consider all these factors into your business valuation.

  • You will be able to more accurately price your organization.
  • Delegate your companies shares appropriately.
  • Sell your business with confidence and accuracy.
  • Anchor your negotiation strategy

Asset Productivity

We show clients how to grow productivity by getting the most from their tangible resources

We ensure your project is optimized before execution begins with a focus on value by:

  • Optimizing your business operations to ensure a strong link to your operations strategy and capital expenditures
  • Identifying the theory that offers the highest value for your firm
  • Developing the optimal purchasing strategy
  • Creating tools for excellent process flow
  • Developing contracting strategies

We prepare for execution by:

  • Actively managing contracts and purchases
  • Implementing lean development
  • Using cutting edge project management strategies

We ensure proper support teams by:

  • Building a metrics driven management oversight
  • Implementing a proper hierarchy of processes for upper management control

Green Operations

Green OperationsFocusing on the cost of energy and materials , the role of sustainable suppliers, and the integration into production processes, is often overlooked by companies.  Green operations can help build a sustainable future while improving a company’s brand image. We help clients grow revenue and reduce costs while meeting the challenges of today’s global economy.  We can redesign operations from end to end in a value chain while improving profitability.  Often, positive outcomes can be achieved by collecting, re-purposing, and reusing discarded products and materials.

Operation Consulting Group is a heavy analytical supply chain management consulting firm. We specialize in healthcare operations, manufacturing, procurement, retail operations, logistics and distribution. Our fact based approach has proven to be successful for numerous clients wanting to increase profits through operational improvements. Their are many benefits to hiring a management consultant or traditional hiring and we will be happy to work with you and your company to accomplish difficult tasks.  We currently work in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania but are happy to travel within the United States and Canada.