Operation Consultant Group seeks to achieve a collaborative and diverse work environment for consultants with operational expertise.

Healthcare operationsYou will be able to grow your personal network and develop on going business relationships with our clients, solve current operational issues for small and large organizations, and work directly with experienced operational consultants.

Consultants seek to enrich our team with advanced quantitative operational modeling combined with the knowledge of operational strategy.  They want work that has the potential to make real impacts in industries such as health care, manufacturing, financial services and retail.

We are collaborators and team players

Our people, their professional work ethic, and commitment to proving clients with the best possible service is was sets us apart from other consulting agencies.  We aim to bring the best ideas and perspectives through collaborating extensively with out clients.  We bring the expertise and experience to focus on today operational issues.

Your Opportunity

Uniquely blend your interests in health care, manufacturing, or retail.  Expand your practice nationally and aim to:

  • Accelerate your career
  • Leverage your experience and expertise
  • Broaden your talents

Our people set us apart and our clients will challenge you.

If you are interested in working with Operation Consulting Group


Please send resume and cover letter to

Operation Consulting Group is a heavy analytical supply chain management consulting firm. We specialize in healthcare operations, manufacturing, procurement, retail operations, logistics and distribution. Our fact based approach has proven to be successful for numerous clients wanting to increase profits through operational improvements. Their are many benefits to hiring a management consultant or traditional hiring and we will be happy to work with you and your company to accomplish difficult tasks.